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The term for a mentally disabled individual that has had their physical growth stunted by various (and highly controversial) medical procedures. Various reasons for the act include added convenience for the caregivers as well as improved quality of life for the subject.

For females the procedure can include removal of the uterus and breast reduction
"The Ashley Case" is one of, if not the first, cases of a pillow angel.
by SuperJoshP January 08, 2007
A video game console, more specificly, the name of Nintendo's next generation console. The Wii started out life under the codename "Revolution" and was known as such until April 27th 2006. Not much is known about the Wii except that it uses a motion sensor controller, will be backwards compatable with all Gamecube games, and will have a "Virtual Console" that you can use to play downloadable games that were available on earlier Nintendo systems. Nintendo has also stated that the controller will have various addons available as well asn teh ability to dock into a "shell" that resembles a more traditional controller.
I can not believe that Nintendo renamed the Revolution the Wii!
by SuperJoshP April 28, 2006

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