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When a woman gives a man a handjob and lets him jizz on his ballsack. Then, with his moist, dripping sack, she proceeds to motorboat it. This is the salty sailor.
Guy 1:Last night, stella was giving me a HJ and all of a sudden she went nuts and salty sailored it.

Guy 2: Dude! High-Five
by SuperFishel April 22, 2010
It's an adjective that can be applied to both people and the clothes they wear. Typically a garment (or wearer thereof) that is intended to function in an outdoor/athletic setting, but has some token styling cues that make it acceptable for more urbane pursuits. Typically seen in the PNW.
Merrell sandals and convertible pants are outdorky.
by superfishel April 30, 2015

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