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2 definitions by SuperDanNoxt

A person who acts as a 'sperm cork' prevents ejaculation via any means neccessary.
Richard Dunne was such a sperm cork when he tried taking pictures of Jo Cole eloping with Harriet Goldwin.
by SuperDanNoxt July 15, 2010
Similar to the phrase 'next', 'Noxt' also indicates the neccessity for another object, action or being to be initiated in one form or another. 'Noxt' is an appropriate substitute for the more traditional 'next' as it eliminates any possibility for confusion between the retail store and the desire for the former definition to be exercised. 'Noxt' is a more laddish way to express one's requirement for a replacement alcoholic beverage or a female to neck. If said whilst pumping your fist in the air after downing a shot of a spirit such as 'Samual Buca' or 'Apple Sourz', it will make you feel great inside (confirmation needed). If said immediately after kissing a random girl, it will earn you extra lad points, subject to your company.
Danny Dyer: Hey Jo, here's a shot of Sammy B and an Apple Sou..

Jo Cole: On three.. 3.

*shots are consumed*

Both: NOXT!

Random Girl: Did you two want to know where the retail shop 'Next' is located..?

*Danny Dyer necks the random girl*

Danny Dyer: (whilst pumping his fist in the air) NOXT!

Jo Cole: Serious lad points there pal.
by SuperDanNoxt July 21, 2010