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Often referred to as PF by real debaters, this joke of a debate is for those who lack the intellect and intelligence to do Lincoln-Douglas (LD) or policy debate (CX). Public Forum is centered on current events, and is not focused on debate, rather speaking casually without actually learning anything. The team who wins is the team who can sound more like an idiot for the judge. Public Forum has no complex arguments like Topicality, Theory, Disads, K's, or CP's. The only three worse things are Congress, Parliament, and... Novice Public Forum.
"Dude, I just qualified for nationals in Public Forum!"
"Yeah, and I've never even debated before!"

"Wow, that Novice Public Forum round was intense!"

"I'm such a persuasive debater in Public Forum, I can show you why oil spills cause fish to die!"
- Actual Public Forum guy
by SuperCapitalist October 04, 2010
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