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Someone who is of Asian,Mexican,and African ancestry.
Not to be mistaken with the Pokemon which is spelled
with a Z not a S.
Girl1:"I'm Black,Mexican,and Asian."
Boy1:'I didn't know you were Blasican.
by SuperBoosterHunter1 March 10, 2011
An act of sliding on the ground with your left hand on your heart and your right hand up in the air and singing in a deep,
retarded voice HAL-LE-LU-JAH usually but can be applied with other words.Usually is not long-lasting but is recurring and can be reactivated after being inactive for years.It is easily contagious and can be caught from just seeing someone infected with it have a burst of it.It has no known cure and over time start to get really annoying and frustrating.
Girl 1:Why is he doing that?
Guy 1:Because he has Hallelujah Syndrome.

Doctor:After looking at your charts,it appears you have
Hallelujah Syndrome.

Patient:Is it deadly?

Doctor:No it is not but it is contagious like the Flu,incurable like Diabetes,and aggressive like Cancer.
by SuperBoosterHunter1 January 17, 2011
The act of tricking boosters on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
and killing them with grenade launchers,launchers,and C4.
I just went Booster Hunting on Xbox Live.
by SuperBoosterHunter1 October 24, 2010
The best 3 COD games of order of greatness.
1)Call Of Duty World At War
2)Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
3)Call Of Duty Black Ops
I bought the Big 3.
by SuperBoosterHunter1 January 22, 2011
Hard rock music as in Dio,Guns N Roses,Motley Crue,Ozzy,
AC/DC,Blue Oyster Cult,and etc. that hurts moms that love soft rock such as Fleetwood Mac,Elton John,Minutemen,Police,
Foreigner,Journey,Genesis,and etc. that sounds as if it was played with speakers made out of a tin can.
My mom says Blue Oyster Cult is 2 tinnie...
Well if I can't hear guitar than it ain't good...
by SuperBoosterHunter1 December 31, 2010
When saying something about Black Ops you accidentally say Call Of Duty Black Cops or Call Of Duty Black Cocks.
Is very funny when an Black Ops accident occurs.
Guy 1:I just bought an M16 on Call Of Duty Black Cocks.
Guy 2:What dude!?You just had a Black Ops accident.
by SuperBoosterHunter1 January 22, 2011

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