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A play on the words "Sex" and "Narcolepsy".

A condition where one immediately becomes tired and falls asleep after climaxing during sex. Most often seen in men, although women can experience it too.
I slept so well last night. Wayne's dick gave me that sexolepsy.
by SuperAunt3794 June 23, 2014
1. A person (often a female) who does something or acts in a way that is so obviously annoying that not calling it out would be a crime.

2. Someone you disagree with. A person who listens to the Jonas Brothers while on a road trip with people who actually have good taste in music.

3. A proclomation of something terrible, i.e "ho-bag! i just dropped my ice cream!" When in the presence of small children, synonyms such as CRAYON-bag, MARKER-bag or HORTON-HEARS-A-WHO-bag work just as well (the latter is a personal favorite)
Friend 1: "He kept hugging his ex at this concert we went to."

Friend 2: "Did he like it?"

Friend 1: "I dont think so. She was just a ho-bag."
by SuperAunt3794 September 07, 2009
The lie told to girls all over the world. "Kevin" jonas is truly PAUL jonas. Kevin is his middle name, hence Paul Kevin Jonas.

... put that in your pipe and smoke it!
"god, i wanna be kevin jonas when i grow up"

"No, you wana be paul."
by SuperAunt3794 September 13, 2009

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