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A person so fixated and enamored with Apple that it consumes his or her soul, with the sole life goal of insulting all Windows (tm) based products
Geez. That photographer is such an iSnob.
by Superace June 23, 2005
Shortened version of roommate

Not actually a chick word
`--> Though this term is occasionally construed as girlish, it is fully acceptable from males as well.
Jerry: I have lots of bottled water!
Andrew: My roomie drinks water.
Jerry: cool beans.
by Superace August 31, 2005
a substantial sum of cool points acquired by being familiar a well-known performance group (usually a band) prior to their breakthrough to mainstream success.
Dude 1: "Yeah, I was going to Green Day shows when they were still with Lookout! Records."
Dude 2: "Wow that's some serious Indiecred right there."
by SuperAce March 28, 2010
a contraction of "Congradulations on your graduation"

2. the act of being mobbed by well-wishers at a graduation party
1. Congraduation, dude - we're finally out of here!

2.I tried to slip out the back door and get away from all the old people, but I got Congraduated
by Superace June 17, 2005
The skill of noticing the presence (or absence) of wedding rings. Similar to gaydar, good ringdar is essential to social navigation.
Tom: Dude, that hottie is totally into me!
Joe: She has a wedding ring, jackass. You have seriously terrible ringdar.
by SuperAce March 16, 2011
Acronym for "Don't Be a Dick;" a sacred code of conduct among honorable male circles. Much like the ancient concept of chivalry, but more intrinsic and fundemental.
Matt: Hey, can you turn it down? it's, like, 3 a.m. and I have a test at 8!

Sean: hell no!

Matt: dude, DBD

Sean: aw yeah, sorry dude. go get some sleep. *music stops*
by Superace August 31, 2005
A pair of roommates who seem to be polar opposites.

A combination of roomie and dichotomy
It's a totall dichoomy - I like alternative, but all he listens to is hip-hop crap.
by Superace August 06, 2005

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