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the capital of Lithuania
Just got back from Vilnius. Defines beautiful.
by Super Swedes November 29, 2010
1. a former NHL goalie, now an announcer
2. a man that needs to be fed or will be EXTREMELY cranky
Chico Resch- And well, they just suck today.
Me- Go get something to eat.
Chico Resch- :D
by Super Swedes November 28, 2010
very diverse city in Russia. hometown to NHL player Alexander Burmistrov
Kazan is in Russia, and is located along a river.
by Super Swedes January 29, 2011
hockey player from Sweden who currently plays for the New Jersey Devils. In Sweden, he played for the Swedish Elite League team HV71.
Mattias Tedenby is called Teddy by the media and teammates.
by Super Swedes January 24, 2011
the pastafarian holiday of Holiday is celebrate throughout the holiday season. Holiday is celebrate however each Pastafarian chooses.
Don't wish people a merry christmas, because it's not politically correct. Wish them Happy Holidays because that includes all holidays, including the holiday of Holiday.
by Super Swedes December 06, 2010
the older brother of NHL player, Zach Parise. Jordan is a goalie, and is the son of legendary J.P. Parise
Chico Resch: And that's Zach Parise's big brother out there, Jordan Parise, filling in for Marty Brodeur in net tonight.
by Super Swedes December 06, 2010
the unofficial atheist holiday that celebrates being reasonable and not believing in bullshit gods. it is celebrated by nothing fancy, just hanging out and having fun with friends on the 24th of December, designed specificly to clash with christmas.
I just made up the Day of Reason so that we atheists would have a holiday. :-D
by Super Swedes December 06, 2010

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