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9 definitions by Super L

Only te BEST BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!A band thats been able to adapt to the new music scene without selling out. Theyt still FRIGGIN ROCK, and should not be ignored, just because people don't like the song Jaded. Listen to some of their other songs, like walk this way, sweet emotion, last child, angel, ect. Pick up one of their records like Rocks, Toys in the Attic, or just pick up O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits. They rule so much!!! If you ever have a bad day, just pump out some Aerosmith, and either have yourlsef a good cry, or a good SCREAM!!!Either way, they'll help you through anything.
Thankyou Aerosmith:Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamiltom, Joey Kramer, for 14 years of poetry and love...ROCK ON!!!
by Super L March 18, 2005
An amazing band that rocks!!!They're music not only has kick ass well...music, but also, amazing lyrics!!!It sucks that people pay no attention to them, and that they aren't that popular, they are so amazing, go buy one of their cd's!!!
Fuck you firefly, have you lost you light?Now I hate your ways cuz theyre just like mine.-Firefly
I chase the sun, it chases me. You know my name, you know my face. You'd know my heart if you knew my place.-Follow
by Super L March 19, 2005
the stupidist mofo who ever walked the Earth. He's just so much of a dumbass the only way i can properly describe him is: George Bush is a dumbass.
America needs to shave its Bush.
by Super L March 19, 2005
A kick ass crazy ass drummer from the awesome band Green Day!!!He's a very good drummer, and has an awesome stage prescence. He's also very VERY GOOD LOOKIN!!!
Tre Cool is awesome!!!He's welcome to come and play his skeehcssa's any time with me and Super S!
by Super L March 19, 2005
When at a loss for words, this is what you say to someone who's being really annoying, or just REALLY pissing you off. Also, if you find the need to be funny while telling someone to piss off, this is usually a good thing to say.
by Super L March 19, 2005
A website that gives all you heartless people that don't believe Kurt Cobain was murdered by that cold heartless bitch Courtney Love, cold hard evidence and proof that he DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE!!! Seriously, I understand that some of you want to hold on to this image of Courtney Love being 'misunderstood', and I'm sure in certain ways, she is. But not for this. Listen to the audio clips, and there's your cold hard evidence.
go to www.cobaincase.com, and find out the truth. For those of you who think you're justified in saying she's innocent, go to this website, and try to prove her innocence afer reading all this stuff, and listening to the clips. Even those who think he WAS murdered (which he was), back up your arguments by going to this site!!!RIP Kurt Cobain...
by Super L March 19, 2005
A Van Halen song that has one of the best guitars solos in the whole fucking world!!! I've heard alot of good fuckin guitar solos, but this is fuckin amazing. If you have not heard it, I strongly recommend you listen to it sometime. Or just pick up a Van Halen cd, cuz they fuckin rock!!!
Eddy Van Halen is one talented Mofo!!
by Super L March 14, 2005