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According to the tabloid Weekly World News, it is a supernexus omnipotent dust cloud that is going to kill all of us in nine years. It is made by Hawking Radiation and swallows any planet it encounters.
Guy 1: Hey dude did you hear about that Chaos Cloud that's gonna kill us in nine years?
Guy 2: Dude screw that, Weekly World News is full of shit.
Guy 1: Nuh-uh!
by Super Koopa September 25, 2005
Commonly used in the multiplayer game Unreal Tournament, it means someone who waits at the opposing team's base and camps until his or her flag is returned, then takes the flag and runs solo. Can also refer to someone that camps and kills everyone that is hurt.
As Barbie's team was trying to run the flag, she camped at the other based and started to cherry pick.
by Super Koopa July 10, 2005
Omigawd, which is usually meant to be a very annoying teenage girl crappy xanga blog word, means "Oh my god" in a crappy xanga blog kind of way. Also used by teenage girls on AIM. Omigawz is also an equally annoying way of speaking thy Lord's name in vain.

Omigawd tht guy was soo hot! LOL
by Super Koopa September 20, 2004
A not-so-popular internet emoticon-ish thing, describing someone that is rolling their eyes "puppy dog" style. Similar to :3.
Man 1: I am SO happy!
Man 2: :rolleyes:
Man 1: :3
by Super Koopa July 02, 2005
What horribly stupid people say in grammatical horror in turn to a suprising statement.
Man 1: Wow, you are REALLY stupid.
Man 2: For reals?
Man 1: ...
by Super Koopa July 02, 2005

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