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(v.) To run fast. As book it, but specifically for running. Shortened to book in some cases.
"The cops are on the way; get ready to book up if there's trouble!"
by Super Ghoul February 11, 2005
Derived from the concept of Stockholm Syndrome, it is used to describe the mental state of someone that has become overly attached to, and obsessed with, the person they have just recently had sex with. This is most prominent in people that have just had sex for the first time.
"Man, Shelly finally lost her V-card to Mike, but now she won't leave him alone. Total case of fuckholm syndrome."
by Super Ghoul January 30, 2014
Walking or running shoes; sneakers. So called because they allow you to run fast.
"I wore my zips today in case we have to run in gym class."
by Super Ghoul February 11, 2005

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