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An informal speech or monologue praising the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Usually initiated by a girl trying to convince a boy to read the series. Characterized by dramatic flair in the voice, excessive use of the words "Edward" and "marry", slight shaking, moaning, foaming at the mouth, and condescending tone to those who have not read the series. Often accompanied by loud choruses of praise from female onlookers and protests and groans from present males.
Girl #1: "Oh my God! Edward is twice the man you will ever be!"
Man #1: "He's fictional! YOU are twice the man he is because he is NOT REAL!"
Girl #1: "I don't care! He's real to me, and he has more romance in his pinky than you have in your entire body!"
Girl #2 whispering to Girl #3: *Yup, she is definitely having a twigasm.*
Man #2 whispering to Girls #2 and #3: *Gawd, if she keeps going on like this I'm gonna have to wipe her desk off with a tube sock...*
by Super Farva January 14, 2009

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