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When you think something is cool, or you are explaining your feelings
Hey. how are you?
by Super April 14, 2003
another word for the "mullet" hair cut.
Ten degrees in the front, and ninety degrees in the back.
All the necks with the "ten ninety's" will be tailgatin' at the neckcar race rootin' for Rusty Wallace this weekend.
by super April 14, 2003
Often used to describe something that is so large it is not fathomable unless it directly experienced.
Black women only have two types of teeters; they're either really small misquito bites, or they are Gigungus tits, that make you lean back in your chair when a girl walks in the room.
by Super October 31, 2004
huge rack of knockers on a slim athletic chick
Damn, that bitch was joggin without a bra on the face slappers dude- Is she tryin' to get knocked out or what?!?
by super April 14, 2003
Redneck phrase referenced when asking someone a question about a noun in the past tense of a previous experience.
"May-an, member 'that deer you shot at ayesterday? At thang was ahaulin' ass wutnit?
by super April 14, 2003
by Super May 12, 2004
a drum circle with no rhythm
Yo, these hippies makin' some popcorn up in here- we out!
by super April 14, 2003

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