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Bay Area rapper. Stared in Mac Dre Presents Thizz Nation Volume 10 and other mixtapes and albums. From Ghosttown section of west oakland. May becum next big star from the YAY like Fabby Davis
Who is Bavgate nigga were u from say it 2 my face cuz u dont want none let me show u how the west was 1 cuz i plays chess no checkers son.
From "The Gate" Thizz Nation Volume 4
by SupaThizz222 April 11, 2008
Mistah F.A.B. says he is Mr Bay Area. Because he has gone mainstream so the whole country knows who he is. others say E40 is cuz hes mainstream now 2.
Fabby Davis Yellow Bus Rydah mayn i showed u all mayn i am the meaning of ignorance mayn I am Mr Bay Area and alot of u all can kiss my ass if u dont agree yellow bus movement i started that shit and thats the thanks i get Rob E wut it do......Yee
Outro from "Fight Music" on "Da Baydestrian"
by SupaThizz222 April 11, 2008
Popular Bay Area Song by Mistah F.A.B.,G-Stack & Bavgate from thizz nation volume 8. Stands 4 North East West Oakland
I Got the North got the East got the West wit me so i suggest u niggaz dont mess wit me
1st part of the Hook from n.e.w. Oakland
by SupaThizz222 April 11, 2008

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