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Affluenza, typically referred to as "rich bitch itch" or "silver spoon syndrome", is a contagious disorder usually resulting from living off the pay cheque and/or status of others. Often those affected with affluenza show symptoms early in the disease, with affected children learning to display their caregivers wealth or status in order to acquire friendships.

Contamination later in life is generally limited to those of the female persuasion who use their husband or partner's status to sway the balance of power in their favour. Though seen in males on occasion, it is generally quite rare for males to be infected by the position power of their partner or spouse.

Though a cure has not been definitely established, affluenza is often treated by therapy which can include community service at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. More intense treatment for this disorder includes forced relocation away from the source of the patient's perceived power. Some professionals believe neurasnobberase inhibitors are highly effective in small doses but studies have been inconclusive.
Sarah: "I can't believe how much Mandy has changed since she married the military base commander... we used to be so close... now she's a huge snob!"

Christa: "I've seen it before when these women marry someone with a rank higher than Corporal... affluenza."
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 02, 2010
The state of living in such destitution that an individual has no sense of pride, decorum or decency. Though there is not a definite correlation between poverty and morals, many such individuals never learn proper boundaries due mostly to the fact that they have been stripped of their pride by "the system" and have no sense of self-respect.

James: "Who was the bleach blonde with the see-through shirt at karaoke tonight? She was real poverted, did you hear how she was coming on to all the men... AND she kept grabbin' at anyone within claw's reach..."

Cassie: "Yeah, and she's married...to her own cousin! They spend their entire welfare check between the bars and the liquor store... real poverted family..."
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 02, 2010
An individual who teaches, either by example or coercion, the proper way to sell one's body and sexual services for money.

Usually the prostiTutor is a pimp but can sometimes be an older, more experienced hooker and lessons include (but are not limited to) the most effective ways to attire one's self, proper sexual technique and financial management.

The most successful prostiTutors tend to be appreciated by their student's clients, but the students usually require more persuasion. Effective prostiTutors have many methods of earning their students respect, but most often provide drugs free of charge until such time as the budding street-worker becomes addicted and cannot afford to pay for their habit.

Though prostiTutors and their students are usually considered by mainstream society to have come from poverted backgrounds, it is not necessarily the case.

ProstiTutors can be high-tech, and have been known to find prospective students on the internet by targeting users of such social networking sites as MySpace, Facebook or Twitter. In fact, the internet has given ProstiTutors the ability to recruit young people not just from poverted backgrounds, but from a broader spectrum of society.
Misty: "I wish I had your pimp, mine never gives me any spending money..."

Tanisha: "I got lucky, he's been the best prostitutor a ho could ask for, and hardly ever smacks me around..."
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 02, 2010
Sometimes referred to as flavoured lubricants, condoments are designed to add a twist to sex play. Many condoments are marketed as "low calorie" and "sugar free" and come in a variety of flavours or additives to increase or decrease sensation during sexual activities.

Condoments can make oral sex more pleasant, especially when using condoms which can leave a bad taste in one's mouth. It is important to note that if using latex prophylactics, oil-based condoments can cause a regular latex condom to break so be certain that the condoment of choice is water based.
Samantha: "My boyfriend always expects blowjobs and I want to make him feel good, but I just don't like the taste..."

Tracy: "I've got a bunch of condoments, you can have my bottle of vanilla bliss if you want, I only use the wet watermelon one..."
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 02, 2010
Phrase typically used by teens as a euphemism/cover for going down the street to smoke a joint.
Teen: "Going out, Mom..."
Mom: "Where, and for what?"
Teen: "Emergency Preparedness Meeting with some friends..."
Mom: "Have fun, be back for dinner!"
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 05, 2010
The act of completing coitus, subsequently followed by removing one's self rapidly from the premises in avoidance.

Even though ejaculation occurs, often the sexual partner of the ejetulator is left unsatisfied.

See also wham bam thank you ma'am
Girl1: "How was your night with that new guy?"

Girl2: "It sucked! After we fucked, he just got up and left, without saying anything... I didn't even come!"

Girl1: "Way to eJETulate, loser!"
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 04, 2010
1. Sloppy spelling or lazy composition of words and phrases resulting in words comprised of mostly consonants; disemvoweling is often committed by people in a rush to change their Facebook status updates or in instant messaging. Sometimes vowels are replaced with symbols, or numbers.

2. Deliberate exclusion of vowels in a word with the intention of saving time in certain forms of shorthand or as in the case of semetic languages.
Camille: "HW R U BBY?"

Jeff: "Gr8, G2G... l8tr?"

Camille: "SH!T, kk."


Teacher 1: "I don't get kids these days, always on their electronic gadgets, sexting and *GR8-ing* on my nerves..."

Teacher 2:" They've completely disemvoweled the English language, it's atrocious..."
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 02, 2010

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