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An emo wannabe is usually some nerd or loser who doesn't have any friends. They go on google and look up 'emo' alot and then go buy a whole bunch of crappy cheap stuff. Like: fake converse, weird stripy arm warmers, and all black clothing. Then they get obsessed with totally mainstream 'emo' bands like My Chemical Romance or Fall out Boy. They totally redecorate their Myspace and make it all dark and depressing and talk about hate and how emo they are. And then, they post up weird 'emo' pictures of themselves. Oooh and they wear way too much eyeliner and paint their nails black. They try to attract the attention of SCENE kids and go around talking about how depressed they are. Emo wannabes usually don't end up looking 'emo' they just look like some weird scary nasty looking gothish...freak. 'Emo' wannabes also have an unhhealthy obsession with Twilight and Vampires. :D
Emo Wannabe: Look at meee! I'm so depressed and dark! And I dyed my hair all black! Lookit my black clothes!!!

Scene Kid: What the flick?

Emo Wannabe: Hey! OMG! You're emo too! Let's be friends! I looove My Chemical Romance! It helps me when I'm totally depressed and sad.

Scene Kid: Ummm...okay, first of all, I'm not emo. And second of all, I don't even listen to My Chemical Romance.

Emo Wannabe: What aboot Fall Out Boy! Omg! I love Pete Wentz! He is like, soooo hawt! I love Twilight! Edward Cullen is like, the hottest vampire in the world! I cry beccause of him all the time!

Scene Kid: Umm...I don't listen to Fall Out Boy, either. And I'm pretty sure that Edward Cullen doesn't exist. Oh and I'm also pretty sure that you're some kind of emo wannabe, gothish, freak. So...Bye!
by Sunshinebby! August 18, 2009

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