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Have you ever been walking around a large city at night, minding your own business, and you hear something rustling and making a soft cooing sound in a dumpster in the ally you just passed? Your curious(who isn't) so you look down the ally and you see the outline of a homeless man standing in a recycling bin. the Homeless man stops sifting(the act of sorting through garbage and making a vocal call to sound off that they've found something, typically a quiet "yes" or an awe inspiring "ooooo")and looks at you in the moon light with his large yellow eyes being the only thing you see, Then he throws a beer bottle at you and pees in your direction before running off drunk into the dark. Yeah, thats a trash owl.
Look! That Trash Owl found some cardboard slippers!
by SunshineHardcore May 04, 2009
1.A euphemism for people of African descent;Often seen in true form in the south, you can find one after after hearing "we don't like you're kind around here boy" phrased in the direction of a black man.
Get out of here you Mississippi tree emblem before I give you a rope necktie and teach you how to fly!
by SunshineHardcore May 05, 2009

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