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An overly paid so-called actress who's good looks overcompensates for her mediocre (hmmm....that's putting it mildly) acting skills. Someone with absolutely no other talent besides looking good.
Have you seen Jessica Alba's new movie? Her performance was like watching a train wreck.
by Sunshine81 December 03, 2007
It is impossible to define the meaning of love because each person has a different interpretation of it.

My Interpretation: "Love is an overrated emotion that is too often confused with lust and infatuation. It is also used too freely. Love is the ultimate deception"
My ex (right before he cheated on me): "I love you, sunshine"
by Sunshine81 December 03, 2007
A promiscuous broad who profited from a tell-all book that was based on what other females with low self esteem have been doing for centuries.
Rich dude: "When you gonna give me some pussy?"

Karrine Steffans: "You gonna buy me some McDonalds first?"

Rich dude: "Hell naw, I ain't running no soup kitchen. Now put out or get out"

Karrine Steffans: "Ok baby. You like it doggy style?"
by Sunshine81 December 03, 2007

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