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Love is an idea people have...people use the idea of love to comfort themselves, a way of feeling accepted and probably avoiding lonliness. True love doesn't exist, because true love is the closest thing to perfection and frankly that doesn't exist. You need proof? Just look around you. Love is also something that men and women use as an excuse to get married and have children but in the end, there is usually unhappiness. Love is an idea that makes people very vulnerable and they loose focus on what they really want from life. They are prepared to make SACRIFICES for the person they love just to have it all thrown back in their faces a few years down the line.
I love you so much, I can't live without you
by Sunshine March 21, 2005
Juicy Fruit® is a trademarked brand of marijuana much like Bubble Gum® and Northern Lights®.
Tommy and Eric decided to get some Juicy Fruit from the coffee shop in Amsterdam
by SunShine December 28, 2004
a younger version of a twinkie
sloot bitch and airhead in training
pre-teen aged.. 9-12
wears releaving clothing and pretends to have breasts
aspires to be a sloot
ok there is NO WAY those bite-sized twinkies should be wearing that much makeup... they're like 9!
by Sunshine December 14, 2004
d.s. stands for "don't shy". Originated from UConn where the boys needed a slang word to tell their bros to go for the kill.
As a cute girl struts by... You say "D.S.!" to your buddy next to you.
by Sunshine December 06, 2004
(n.) Something extra; Gratis; Free.
I like Playboy for the hot pictures, but the articles are just langiappe.
by Sunshine March 24, 2003
"don't stop" used a reference of initiative in the party seen.
You're party is thumpin, d.s.
by Sunshine December 06, 2004
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