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Do you have no sense of humor, wit, or originality? Look no further than the book of memes! They're easy to memorize and other meme users will find them hysterical each time you use them. Memes are emergency words, phrases, and media created by the social networking community that everyone uses when they can't think of anything else to say. Eventually they become so dependent on these memes that every single joke or insult they pop comes straight from the book of memes! Refer to the KnowYourMeme website for all memes.
Most Overused Internet Memes:
-"Rick Roll" YouTube video
-Any of the rage faces.
-any quotes from the CD-i video games.
-broseph, brosky, bro-etc.
-umad bro? lol u mad.
-uh oh watch out guys looks like we got a badass over here!
by SunnyShard September 23, 2012

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