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basically means you screwed someone over or let them down in some way. it can be used in many situations.
Jim: dude guess what I slept with your girlfriend!
Harold: Dude, you done me dirty.
by Sunny-D42 November 11, 2006
abbreviation for Hard-Ass meaning overly strict.. apparently calling someone a hard ass was too much so someone decided to coin the term HA.
Man, my English professor's a real H.A.!
by Sunny-D42 November 11, 2006
Just an enhanced version of calling someone a jerk. this word combines "jerk" and "jack in the box" to create "jerk in the box", how creative.
why you gotta be a jerk in the box!??
by Sunny-D42 November 11, 2006
Despite what everyone thinks this abbreviation means it actually means "Dick Move".
you called his mom a slut?? that's a D.M.!
by Sunny-D42 November 11, 2006
pronounced "Tee in a be".
Definition: Talking about/referring to.
I wasn't exactly sure how to spell that, but i guess it's not really something you'd type.
That's what i'm T'in a B nugg!
by Sunny-D42 November 11, 2006

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