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21 definitions by Sunny

Someone who has great sex and is really preppy. ALso very good looking.
That girl is so klinky.
by sunny November 10, 2004
stuff, things, ect...
so jens word
is that your shazzle?
she was talking about all this shazzle...
by sunny February 16, 2005
a full on batyboy
meetan would you have sex with me after all i am your father
by sunny November 26, 2003
Nickname (which should be used as the actual town name) thas describes the piece of crap town our parents love and we hate.
Kid from Slowcala: Dude, you should come down sometime.

Kid from Miami or some or big city: Dude, why the hell would I want to come to slowcala?

Kid from Slowcala: Ummmm...we could go to the movies or easy street, or midnight rodeo.....

Kid from Miami or some or big city:
Ummmmm how bout no.......

Kid from slowcala: .....okay fine ill come to miami
by Sunny March 31, 2004
Fabulous atmosphere, delicious food.
That cafe was fabulicious
by Sunny March 15, 2005
The third dude in Rap TriO
lives in a deer park bottle
fell out during a hurricane cause sunny was a bad parent
beenzi and sunny's pet freshmen year at college
rupster rupe rupedaddy
by sunny June 06, 2004
Third world assassin,(Mainly used by incompetent narrow minded people with extremely low inelegance (Americans))
E.g third world assassin lets dis em caus they are more Intelligent than us
by sunny January 23, 2004