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(Updated definition) A city in Central Florida. Was once part of Orlando. There isn't much to do here, except the Scottish Highland Games. If you want something to do, go to Oviedo or Orlando.
I live in Winter Springs!
by Sunion November 18, 2011
Where you spread your GF's vagina open and cum and piss in it. Then you dip your balls inside and have your GF lick the cum and piss off.
Me and Beth had some hot florida nacho tiem.
by Sunion October 26, 2013
When you stand on your hands, and spread your legs open spread eagle, as to show the crotch.
At the pool, Marco did the spread-eagle handstand.
by Sunion December 13, 2013
A foreskin so large that you can fly into space with it.
I used my tenskin to fly into space, but, I suffocated on my own foreskin air.
by Sunion February 05, 2014
Toilet paper or tissue that gets stuck to your dick after cumming.
Ah man, my dick is covered in stickage of shame.
by Sunion January 22, 2014
A taco that uses foreskin as it's shell.
I ate a foreskin taco today from my BF's crotch.
by Sunion January 22, 2014
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