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An overly self-righteous, bossy person who interferes when people are having fun and goes out of their way to get them into trouble for their own enjoyment.

I developed this term in the 90s back when I was about 9 at primary school and used it to refer to some of the girls in my class who always used to boss me around at break-time and played 'teacher'. Whenever we'd start to have fun playing inventive games in our little classroom (we didn't have a playground), they would always interfere and try and make us do more serious, boring stuff and just tell a teacher that we were being 'naughty'. It also refers to the sort of person that takes 'no ball game' and 'no music' signs ultra-seriously and gets so obsessed with pointless rules that they actually consider lobbying for councils to put up 'no laughing' signs in parks.

I sort of find these people funny because I often think they just try to interfere and tell people off because they secretly deep down want to become involved with the fun crew even if that means being unpopular. As the saying goes, 'I'd rather be hated than ignored'...
Mind your own business, bossdobber. Is there a law against having fun?
by Sungam Paterson March 09, 2011

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