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LF4, a Neopets user commonly spotted on the FC (the Fan Clubs, a Neoboard), spiced up the boards by linking a series of userlookups and petpages. Together, LF4 (username: ladyfinger4) and a few other users with strange, numerical usernames, posted all kinds of weird babble on the Neoboards. People rushed to 'decode' it, even interrogating the users at one point. All in all,
the whole thing turned out to be a frickin' hilarious ( and fun) 'hoax'.

Since then, Senders (death threat senders on the boards) have mimicked LF4's techniques (the number-babble the users called "codec" or "code C"). They were...less than successful?
"Lady Finger 4's userlookup was damn creepy..."
by Sundai November 02, 2006
A member of any website (in this case, a Neopets user) who sends death threats for fun/amusement. Death threat senders risk being iced (having their accounts disabled, or frozen) just to see little girls squeal and start Neoboard topics about how they're going to die.

Usually, Senders lurk on the Neoboards. Clicking on random (or not-so-random) usernames, they copy/paste threats and send them. Later on, the Senders watch as the people they sent threats to panic, comment on their threats, try to seek them out, or threaten to report them.

Some Senders:

-Teddy (letters were called 'Teddy letters')
-X-Ray (?)
-L (based threats on plot of the manga 'Death Note')
-Jigoku Shojo

*(based on the Naruto characters, of course)

-Kira (also based threats on 'Death Note')

The above Senders are all members of the FC, or 'Fan Clubs'. Unusually chaotic, these boards are the best targets for Senders. -hinthint-

"I just got the creepiest Neomail from a guy named L..."
"He must be a Sender."
by Sundai November 02, 2006

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