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Means "little angel". But don't get it twisted this girl has a naughty streak that only a select few can bring out. Once its out..WATCH OUT! She may become more than you can handle. This lady is usually smart with a great sense of humor. People tend to think she's stuck up, but she's just in her own world thinkin of a master plan. Loves to help out others when in need. Loyal to those who are loyal to her. This one keeps her circle of friends small, but knows everyone. She loves to be in control. But also appreciates when someone else can manage the situation giving her a break. Sweet as honey and cold as ice. Once you're on her bad side you're dead in her mind. Loves to flirt and can be very charming. Someone everyone should know.
Girl: I thought you were gonna ask her out?

Guy: That girl seemed like she was so into me, but she pulled a Angelita move on me and said she wanted to be "just friends".
by SunShine09 February 07, 2010

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