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Is a Japanese style that reached it's peak in 2005 with emphasis on tans, bright and colourful couture, lightened hair and beach-inspired accessories. This style can be sub-divided into two major groups, that of the Kanto region (Tokyo and surrounds) and that of the Kansai region (Kyoto, Osaka areas). The two styles are very similar, with the exception that the Kanto style is louder and somewhat more gaudier, entailing severly bleached hair, the use of artificial flowers, and vulgar make-up. The Kansai style is more toned down but with similar emphasis on tans and colourful couture.

A unique gunguro style also emerged in Kyoto city but is somewhat different from that of the major streams. This style also emphasised tans and fun and colourful couture, but teamed with expensive jewellery from houses such as Mikimoto, Cartier, Harry Winston and Tiffany's in a frivolous and carefree manner. Mikimoto pearls in particular, with its association with beaches and the sea was used in profusion. Girls would also have huge "kyoto curls," whilst guys tended to have shaggy surfer-inspired hairstyles. Guys would also emphasise their "beachiness" by wearing baroque Tahitian and South Sea Pearl jewellery in place of the more common surfer coconut shell and coral necklaces.

This gunguro style is most popular amongst the more well-to-do university aged students of Kyoto city; whilst the more common gunguro styles as mentioned prior are more popular amongst highschoolers and the less well-to-do.
"That guy's so gunguro!"
by Sun Worshipper June 25, 2007
To be reeeeally tired, shattered
'Jeezo I'm properly nick nacked after that gym sesh!'
by Sun worshipper July 18, 2013
To be upset or disappointed
'Ah man I'm gutsters it's raining today!'
by Sun worshipper July 18, 2013
Used to describe a foodstuff that is really tasty, a hybrid of deeeelish and amaze.
For example.."These strawberries are delmaze!!"
by Sun worshipper July 18, 2013

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