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The motion of looking away made by any person in front of a computer who is not the individual entering their password.
1. Joe and Frank from I.T. passavoided after asking Loretta to log in.
by Sun Wolf July 29, 2010
Much like the whippoorwill bird with its incessant call, the quippoorwill is a person who cannot stop quipping; one who endlessly quips, on Facebook and in person.
Neal: All this talk about the economy has got me depressed. I'm gonna go spend my last ten bucks on a six-pack of non-alcoholic beer and get 0.5% drunk.
Bob: No, don't do it!
Neal: I could probably pick it up at Whole Foods. Do you think they'll let me in without my North Face windbreaker and overbrewed coffee?
Bob: Dude, you're like a quippoorwill, or something...
Neal: I got more quips than Picasso got paint.
by Sun Wolf August 07, 2011
Being able to use a computer mouse with either hand.
Frank from I.T. caught all the girls' eyes at the library's computer lab with his ambimousetrous skillz.
by Sun Wolf August 07, 2011
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