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A girl from the show Transformers Animated who is the coolest girl in the universe. A lot of kids think she is weird but she is not! All who oppose me suck!!!!
4 friends talking in the local Burger Bot.

Trisha: Did you here that Sari Sumdac just befriended giant freaky robots? Weird!!!!

Sari: Hey who said that!

Trisha: Me, asshat. Get your weirdish ass away from us.

Sari: Okay, That does it!! Let's fight
by Summertimefun July 30, 2009
At a restaurant, when a waiter takes his sweet old time getting your meal that you start to forget what he looks like.
A case of dining amnesia.

Waiter: Welcome to Agave Mexican and seafood restaurant. What would you like to drink?

Customer: Sprite, please.

Waiter: Comin' right up.

Twenty minutes later.

Waiter: Here is your drink, miss.

Customer: Who the fuck are you?
by Summertimefun August 14, 2009
A father who always smells and walks around in his underpants. He never suggests an activity for the family to do. In other words, an awful father
Kid: Hey, Dad, wanna play some baseball?

Donkey Dad: No, I'd rather walk around aimlessly in my underwear.

by Summertimefun August 03, 2009
Someone who goes around telling useless facts that the factass will think is usefull to that person
That geek Jane is such a factass.
by Summertimefun June 29, 2009
Slovenian for fuck your mother!
Two Slovenian guys at a bar, both drunken.

1: Jebem ti mater

2: Kaj?

1: Ni važno.
by Summertimefun August 08, 2009
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