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The best SPORT in the world! Well known for being played on ice with a hockey stick and puck.
Until recently, it was mostly played in the colder countries and far North America (areas of the US taken over by Canadians). However, America has yielded some of the best players and teams. See Mike Modano, Bill Guerin, and Chris Chelios. Also see the Dallas Stars and Detroit Red Wings.
Hockey has also moved into the deep south (areas that don't really know what ice is) and turned many towns into hockey towns. See Dallas, Atlanta, San Jose, Phoenix, and Nashville.
me: Did you see the game last night (could only be talking about hockey)
co-worker: Yeah, the Stars kicked ass!
me: You know it. I think we could be a Stanley Cup contender this year.
co-worker: Hell yeah!
Together: GO STARS!
by SummerGirl March 17, 2006

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