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1 definition by Suman B

v1: To have won after having performed a series of insults. To show dominance in having won an argument to the opposition. Similar in use to "pwned".
v2: The use of moving the butt in a sexually provocative motion after having bent down. Often used in consensus with grinding and used by woman as a dating tactic to draw focus to the general buttox area.
n: The meeting of the ass and back, but not quite the lower back.
v1: Ajin: I know I'm not in a relationship now, but there are plenty of fish in the lake.
Suman: Ajin, how come you have a lake, but most girls have a sea? (In this context Suman has assbacked Ajin)
v2: Zoe has a tendancy to walk ahead of people and pretend to drop items so she can assback them (the people) and seek attention to her buttox.
n: Suman repeatedly kicks Ajin's assback upon cue via remix to the words in the song "Smack That", with the word "Assback".
by Suman B March 08, 2007