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A biscuit that you bounce off a wall and into your mouth. If it doesn't bounce back, you go hungry.
I'm so hungry, my ricochet biscuit didn't bounce back!
by Suisare July 28, 2004
A kind of sandwich where you take two pieces of bread and WISH you had some meat.
Ever heard of a wish sandwich
by Suisare July 28, 2004
Useless merchandise that could be "bought" with points from cans of Jooky.
I got my new Jooky hernia belt. Thanks, Jooky!
by Suisare July 30, 2004
Any experience in the perspective of one who misses out.
I got fired from my job, so working and making money is now a suisare.
by suisare October 13, 2004

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