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4 definitions by Suisare

A biscuit that you bounce off a wall and into your mouth. If it doesn't bounce back, you go hungry.
I'm so hungry, my ricochet biscuit didn't bounce back!
by Suisare July 28, 2004
Useless merchandise that could be "bought" with points from cans of Jooky.
I got my new Jooky hernia belt. Thanks, Jooky!
by Suisare July 30, 2004
Any experience in the perspective of one who misses out.
I got fired from my job, so working and making money is now a suisare.
by suisare October 13, 2004
A kind of sandwich where you take two pieces of bread and WISH you had some meat.
Ever heard of a wish sandwich
by Suisare July 28, 2004