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1 definition by SuicideSilenceOwnsBMTH

A Deathcore quintet from Sheifield England.The band has released a EP and two Studio Albums.Curtis Ward(Rhythm guitarist) left in 2009 and was replaced by IKTPQ's Jonah Weinhofan(weinhofan what is he a fucking nazi?)anyways I got into them through Count Your Blessings their first studio album,i thought it was great,then i got Suicide Season not so great it was ok but eh.Saw them live in march 09 where they put on a good show but it was clear that The lead singer oli sykes was using studio magic for his vocals on the record I still like this band but i have lost alot of respect for them and their nazi guitarist.Also % of their fans are scene girls that stand around at their shows,and would cry listining to bands like Cannibal Corpse,Nile,or Death.
Scene Kid:omgz do you like uh know about Bring Me The Horizon?
Scene Kid:yeah sure what songs do you know,chelsea smile hahah
me:I have all of their stuff including the Bedroom sessions demo
scene kid:yeah well uh im gonna go listen to some of that song For Steveis Diamonds arent forever.....
by SuicideSilenceOwnsBMTH August 23, 2009