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2 definitions by Suicidal Tendencies

Name for "Guns N' Roses" meant to degrade them for being a bunch of hair metal faggots.

See "Buttley Screw" (Motley Crue)

See also "Bon Jovi Butt Jammer"
Hey it's Mtv's "Ass-banger's Ball"

pffft....bunch of Iron Maidens!!
by Suicidal Tendencies November 29, 2004
The kozzuh, goddess of shiny loev, worship her and thou shalt be blessed

As i walk trough teh valley of shadow and death,
i shall fear nothing couse teh Kozzuh is with meh
for she will protect meh in times of bad spam,
feed us in times of n00b-attacks and shelter us from teh pr0n
by Suicidal Tendencies October 13, 2003