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A crazy fat bitch that believes taking over the counter diet pills will make her into a model. These fatties subject all who cross their paths to mood swings that go from tweeked out Britney Spears-smile mania, to unforseen rage, then ultimately to slobbery tear soaked self-loathing. (This happens in about 5 minutes or less) They usually recover by having unprotected sex with people and fake pregnancy shortly after a mood swing.
Typical Tri Polar behavior:
"OMG I totally lost 2 inches, not pounds but I have these jeans will you help me zip them up??-smiles like a pie-eyed psycho- NEXT PHASE:Shit, that bitch _______ wants me to pound in her fuckin' face.-Turns red, screams a 'retard type-GRRRUUUHH-THIRD PHASE: I was watching this thing on Oprah about how I might be dying from cancer, and not even know it....I don't want to die. -Begins unwrapping twinkie, eating it and sobbing, chasing each bite with diet soda"FINAL PHASE: "I can't believe I slept with_______ he's different, you know he opened up to me..My period is like 2 days late..what am I gonna do?"
by Suggababie August 05, 2009

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