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3 definitions by Sugarcookiencream

The white, bitter layer under the orange rind, that likes to cling to the flesh of the orange like fat to a steak. Also known as the pericarp.
Guy 1, "Dude! What are you doing to that orange?"

Guy 2, "I'm trying to scrape all the orange fat off."

Guy 1. "Dude, just eat it."

Guy 2, "I can't. It scares me..."
by Sugarcookiencream January 14, 2011
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One who uses an excessive amount of plates for personal pleasure or for the annoyance of the dishwasher at any given restaurant/buffet.
Observer: "Josh, you're such a plate whore."

Josh: "Oh yeah I like my plates, they make eatin feel soooo goood"
by Sugarcookiencream November 22, 2009
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One who takes great pleasure in eating a vast quantity of food.
Bystander: Dang Toby! Look at all those noms! You being such a food pimp!
Toby: Don't dis it till you try it, man!
by Sugarcookiencream December 05, 2009
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