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To challenge someone in some way. Or to put someone on blast.
I don't think you've really lost 300 pounds - you just say you have. Produce some Before & After photos. I'm calling you out!
by SugarFreeSheila.com June 29, 2004
The inexplicable sending of texts or SMS messages in two to four-word fragments, exasperating the recipient. Someone who text-sputters usually sends instant messages on the Internet the same way, and fires off e-mails without salutations, sign-off, or even the quote feature. Indecipherable txtese thrown in for good measure is par for the course. Often can't be bothered with punctuation, and also favors writing in either all caps or all lower case. The kind of person who initiates first-time conversations with strangers with the word "and."
MICK: hey went to
tower records n
bought 3 CDs
2day thn I
pckd up dzn
rss 4
Rosalita then i

ROSALITA: This IS Rosalita. Can't wait for the flowers, but please consolidate the text sputter!

MICK: sorry I
didn't mean
to, will work
by SugarFreeSheila.com February 07, 2010
A misleading tag of a more prominent figure, website, or blog attached under the entry of an obscure blog - when there is zero mention of said prominent figure, site, or blog in the blog entry itself. Piggyback-tagging is done in a transparent effort to gather the former's web traffic - again, without the courtesy of discussing or linking the subject. Content is usually similar but not necessarily so. In fact, they can get pretty random.
1.) "Check it, Phil - this never-heard-of-it health food store blog piggyback-tags Whole Foods, Central Market, Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Macy's, McDonald's, Angelina Jolie, 'American Idol,' & Haiti among his tags for his latest blog entry. Wow, what a trailblazer!"

2.) "Hey, Lady Papa Georgio is trying to get a record deal, and is piggyback tagging Lady Gaga under her latest blog - even though there's no actual mention of her there."
by SugarFreeSheila.com February 06, 2010
A beloved item or small collection of items you thought you had lost or were out of altogether, but suddenly realize you have just enough of to hold you over. An accidental hoard. Cache by chance. Can apply to anything from overnight items and clothes kept at your mother's house that prove to be a Godsend after a tragic house fire or robbery, to a favorite discontinued HG face cream you come across in a little travel-sized bottle you'd all but forgotten about. A reference to the dramatic last scene of the 1985 film Goonies, where the Walsh's housekeeper realizes Mikey still has a forgotten marble bag of jewels retained in his coat pocket from Willie's ship - after the Fratellis had supposedly stripped the Goonies of all their treasure.
Dancers Candy & Porsche, after security checkpoint at JFK:

Candy: "What am I gonna do? Like, all of my baby oil and glitter spray for tomorrow night's show are gone."

Porsche, squealing: "Girl, check my Spy bag's secret compartment."

Together: "Oooh, Goonie stash!!"

<Loud howling & high-fiving ensue.>
by SugarFreeSheila.com February 09, 2010
Female dog for not necessarily but quite often the ecstatically child-free individual.
"It's Take Your Dogter To Work Day? I could have brought Sassy!"
by SugarFreeSheila.com January 12, 2009
Female dog for not necessarily but quite often the ecstatically child-free individual.
"It's Take Your Dog-ter To Work Day? I could have brought Sassy!"
by SugarFreeSheila.com January 11, 2009

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