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A boyfriend, usually a dolt/idiot male companion. Origin: Northside Chicago, akin to "Chad"; unsuccessful player type.

Related words: Doobhole, schDOOBid, Doobed (as in "I got Doobed"), Doobious, Doobers.
Frickin' Doobs got two beers splashed in his face when he showed up at the party with a date. Ha! He had no idea his girlfriend would be there- and manning the drink station!
by SugarBaby August 02, 2004
Somebody's business; their affairs, usually personal or scandalous in nature.
I tried to e-mail you on company time, Doobs, but the boss was all up in my koolaid.

Yeah, I was out bangin' but when I got home, that b*tch was all up in my koolaid.
by SugarBaby May 14, 2004

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