3 definitions by Sugar P****

To be incredibly drunk! Also, an awesome line from lady gaga's dirty rich beautiful!
Oh man, I don't remember anything from last night, I was shit wrecked!
by Sugar P**** September 20, 2010
Fucking, awesome, and orgasmic all rolled into one!
Oh man, that Kings of Leon concert was fawgasmic! I totally got shit wrecked and fucked a stranger!
by Sugar P**** September 21, 2010
A recent out-of-the closet gay. Inexperienced and somewhat immature. A gay that doesn't yet understand the etiquette of proper gaydom.
Christina: "Wow, Eric acts like a teenage girl and he always hits on straight men!"

Nikki: "He just recently came out and hasn't developed his gay swagger yet, he's a FRESH FRUIT!"
by Sugar P**** October 12, 2010

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