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They typically have one
or several fields that they
can't get enough of learning
Being scholarly is one of the
biggest misconceptions about
They don't neccassarily have to
be super-studious
(a lot of them aren't actually),
but a general craving for random
but useful knowledge is what
they exhibit.
Online gaming, DDR, anime, and
manga among various other things
tend to be their interests.
They also normally have GREAT
taste in music =]
Nerds may be socially awkward at
times, but just like
everyone else --
they're wonderfully outgoing
and fun when around like-
minded people.
A nerd will be friendly with
anyone who's nice to them;
the non-cocky ones are always
great about setting stereotypes
aside in relationships.
A nerd is almost always generally
a sincere, fun person who
you can almost never have a dull
conversation with.

In short, nerds are some of the coolest people you'll ever meet.
by SufferingxArtist July 10, 2008
What happens when you somehow smash the screen of your cellphone and the pixels get all fucked up in a certain area. Pretty soon the fucked-up pixels spread to the entire screen; kinda like herpes.
My friend's little brother left his cell phone in the back pocket of his skinny jeans and sat on it. It now has Phone Herpes.
by SufferingxArtist September 08, 2008

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