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Show primarily on mtv2 (sometimes on mtv), which at first glance comes off as a kids show , but upon further inspection becomes evident that if indeed your kid did watch this show , they would grow up to be :

a) A pedophile/child pornographer
b) A permanent assylum resident
c) A drug addict


d)George Bush's personal assistant.

.. in other words its a work of genius .. just not for people under 15.
Beth: Wonder showzen is cool.
Anne: Yeah me and my daughter used to watch it all the time.
Beth: O you have a daughter? Where is she?
Anne:Dead. She hung herself from the crib.She was only 2 months.
Beth: Omg! Thats so horrible! What happened?
Anne: We planned it. So we could send the video to Wonder Showzen.
Beth: Ohhhh hahaha!I loved that clip! *high five*
#kids show #beat kids #funny not funny #mtv2 #cool
by Suede Cleaner June 11, 2006
The ultimate downfall of humanity.It has sneakishly worked its way into our lives , consuming the time of many people. From there , it will manifest itself into a person who will assume total control of everyone who used the internet and overthrow the government and start a new world order.That said , have fun kiddies .. because when the internet takes over , you're going to wish you were never born.

Although it can be used for good , it does more bad than good.
Person : Dude , come on , lets go catch a movie or something , the internet will always be here , get out and live life.

Internet addict : You dirty slut. How dear you speak of the internet like that. You will the be the first to go.
#downfall #tradgedy #life-stealer #mind-consumer #death on a monitor
by Suede Cleaner June 11, 2006
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