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A phrase used casually to describe when someone or something disappears without explanation or justification, especially mid-conversation.

Derived from the disappearance of Kara Thrace (Starbuck) while in mid-conversation with Lee Adama (Apollo) on the series finale of Battlestar Galactica
"Hey Dad, can you pay for my... Oh, I think he just pulled a Thrace."

"Oops, my signal died, didn't mean to pull a Thrace..."
by Sue Dunham March 20, 2009
Verb: To wear large boots or accessories to hide a court-ordered ankle monitor, (as worn on house arrest or to measure alcoholic intake).
Lindsay Lohan bedankled herself in a pair of fugly boots.
by Sue Dunham June 29, 2010
An abbreviation of None Geographical Location. Used by improvisers in rehearsal as shorthand for a location-based scene starter that is a specific place, NOT a broad answer like "China" or "San Francisco."
Can I get a non-geo-loc to start this scene?

My last scene was set in a bowling alley, one of my favorite non-geo-locs.
by Sue Dunham February 10, 2010
A term meaning too complex to be meaningful. More ideas than necessary or even useful. Also implies a lack of focus.

Derived from improv, its original use was typically reserved for scenes that weren't working due to too much happening on stage.
Yikes, that last scene was about everything but the kitchen sink! Offer soup anyone?

Dang, Pirates of the Carribbean Three was totally offer soup.
by Sue Dunham February 11, 2010
(adjective) when someone applies the use of something retro in an ironic way.
"When we remodeled the bathroom, we left one of these cheesy 80's dolphin tiles behind to be, you know, retronic."

"Why is he trying to work that handlebar mustache? He must think it's retronic..."
by Sue Dunham December 22, 2009
Noun- an object, person, or place that is less than it seems.

Adjective- describing a person place or thing that is less than advertised.

Derived from former-planet-that-couldn't, Pluto. Celestial objects of Pluto's mass are now referred to as plutoids.
"That Jeff... why does he always act like he's a hot shot?"
"Yeah, he's a real plutard."

"Jeff's Saturn that was allegedly a Porsche is plutarded."
by Sue Dunham October 19, 2008
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