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Someone who rides in the backseat when driving somewhere and there's only two of you.
Tom-"Dude, can you please give me a ride to the store? "
Rob- "Sure, But you're riding Patel"
by Suckster May 06, 2010
Banging an ugly chick (namely with a serpent's head) for the second or any subsequent time.
Me: Ugghh I banged Julie again last night.

Friend: That chick with the serpent head?!?

Me: Yeah..

Friend: That sucks!! Fuckin Return of Jafar, dude hahahaha
by Suckster January 22, 2012
An interesting alternative for referring to a blowjob.
"Dude, did you bang that pig?"

"nah, I just got suckster"
by Suckster March 12, 2009

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