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One of the many 'joke names' Bart and Lisa Simpson used during their prank phone calls to Moe's Tavern.
"HELLO. Moe's Tavern."
"I need to speak with someone there. Last name, Butz, first name, Seymour."
"Hey, is there a Butz here? Seymour Butz? Hey, everybody, I wanna Seymour Butz! Oh, wait a minute... listen, you little scum-sucking pus-bucket! When I get my hands on you, I'm gonna put out your eyeballs with a corkscrew!"
by Sucks2BU January 25, 2005
What a lot of really ignorant people end up getting beat over the head with, or rather, what a lot of us dream about beating ignorant people over the head with.
"If I catch that person in a dark alley some day, I'm going have a boot party on their head."
"COOL! Then I can beat them with the tire iron!!"
"Even better. Boot party and Tire Iron testing ground"
by Sucks2BU January 16, 2005
A diet that encourages the person on it to bake and consume nothing but brownies. Morning, noon, and night. Apparently, some world renowned chef on The Food Network mentioned this was the diet that helped Oprah lose weight, and keep it off, and thus, launched this obscure and disgusting diet into unrelenting popularity amongst bitter, resentful, chocolate obsessed fat chicks, who are just too lazy to try and lose weight the old fashion way: with exercise, and a normal, healthy diet.
Girl 1: "What the hell are you eating?"
Girl 2: "Brownies! Tee hee!"
Girl 1: "Brownies? You weigh at least 250 pounds! That's the last thing you should be eating!"
Girl 2: "Tee hee! I'm on the Brownie Diet! Oprah got skinny on it and I'm going to do the same! Tee hee!"
Girl 1: "You have got to be kidding me."
Girl 2: "Nope! TEE HEE! I'm a pretty, pretty sunflower, and I'm going to be a pretty pretty thin sunflower soon!"
Girl 1: "You're going to be a landing strip at the airport if you stay on that disgusting diet."
Girl 2: "Nuh uh! TEE HEE!!!! BROWNIES! WHEE!"
Girl 1: "Airhead."
Girl 1: "3 words: gastric bypass surgery."
Girl 2: "Huh?"
Girl 1: "Nothing. Here, have another brownie."
Girl 2: "OK! Tee hee! Pretty pretty sunflower! On my "off" day, I'm allowed to have anything I want, but I think I'll just eat brownies that day, too!"
by Sucks2BU January 05, 2005
Otis - A shell of a human being.
Cokate - To copy others.

A crude, boorish, or slow-witted person, who has no real personality or identity of their own. Often seen mimicking and copying other people as a desperate attempt to gain popularity and approval.

As an adolescent, an 'otiscokate' is usually the brunt of jokes and mockery among their school peers, often called nerd or loser, who grows up bitter and resentful.

Later in adult life, the 'otiscokate' can be found clinging to social cliques and groups, trying to fit in, and hoping to make up for the painful rejection they suffered as children. See reject, minion, slave, backstabber, dim, n00b, groupie.
"Did you see that Jane is wearing the same shirt you wore yesterday?"
"Yeah. She's wearing the same perfume I wear, too."
"Damn. What an otiscokate! Someone should tell her to get her own identity."
"I feel bad for her. She was probably picked on a lot in high school."
by Sucks2BU December 02, 2004

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