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2 definitions by Sucka fo Life

1.) A phrase uttered after you totally dissed your hommies.

2.) When Karma hits a person really really hard, they have just been served a healthy portion of nut-salad.
Hey bitch I saw yo momma sucking some dick again down at the docks.....NUT-SALAD!!!

After getting caught cheating on his wife again.....he was served a healty portion of nut-salad at his divorce....
by Sucka fo Life August 15, 2006
3 2
Geograhpical location used when listening to other people talk about their bullshit military experiences.
After I took out half the VC army in Vietnam, I sat down and had a coke...That's nothin' when I was in Saudi-Nam I killed 20 guys with my bare hands.
by Sucka fo Life May 19, 2006
11 13