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1. The dumbest this in the world, why would you spend 15 minutes writing something on your phone, when you can call them up and tell them in a minute.
2. Nigga Technology- don't start wild&out saying I'm racist, I don't mean it in a disrespectful way. I am using it as a general term for ignorant mothafuckas. someone of any race can be an ignorant muthafucka
3. Involves typing with thumbs Which I just don't approve of.
4. Fun fact, nothing typed by some niggaz thumbs has ever been important
5. Text messaging sucks
Person 1: What are you doing?
Person 2: Text messaging
Person 1: Can you print out your conversations?
Person 2: No
Person 1: You wanna know why? Cause niggaz never have anything to print
by Suck my nine March 09, 2006

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