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The thick, short line of hair leading from a man's belly button down to his pubic hair.
"In retrospect, getting my belly button pierced to accentuate my pathway to paradise was a bad idea."
by Suck It Wilde September 04, 2009
A jovial person whose very presence causes you a great deal of unhappiness, unbeknownst to them. It's as if they're stealing your happiness and using it for themselves.
Not to be confused with a bully or an asshole, a happiness thief is oblivious to the fact they're stealing your happiness. They come in many forms, such as a heavy set woman wearing tight, revealing clothing, a co-worker rejoicing you with boring tales about their family, a person with an annoying, soul-piercing laugh, someone that smells unpleasant, and so on.

"That lady was clearly unaware that just because you're wearing 'stretch pants' doesn't mean you have to stretch them out. What a happiness thief!"
by Suck It Wilde September 03, 2009
When the urgency to defecate is so intense you're only mere moments from soiling yourself.
"I had to clench my ass cheeks together and hop to the bathroom because I was having a serious brown alert."
by Suck It Wilde September 02, 2009
Pained, orgasm-like sounds, stemming from a bout of anger.
It's difficult to give an example of something that's sound-based, but I'd have to liken it to someone being forcibly anal raped, only they're just very unhappy about something.

"UGH!" "OH GOD!" "ARGH!" "FUUUUUCK!" and "FUCK ME!!" are all possible examples of an angergasm.
by Suck It Wilde August 19, 2009
An attractive (usually chubby) woman with a disproportionately large lower half.
"That girl was nice enough, but when she stepped out from behind the counter she was a real minotaur!"
by Suck It Wilde January 15, 2010
When someone, usually a heavy set individual, douses themselves in talcum/baby powder to prevent excessive moisture and/or odor and/or chafing, resulting in them emanating a powdery scent.
"Did you get a whiff of that fat guy that walked by? He really gave himself a talc-down!"
by Suck It Wilde September 02, 2009
A generally unattractive woman whose only redeeming physical quality is a pair of amazing wiggling, jiggling tits. Not to be confused with breast implants, which are simply tits that cost money.
"That stripper wasn't much to look at, but it was worth the $20 to have those sweet moneytits waved in my face!"
by Suck It Wilde May 22, 2010
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