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A once great place to go for cheat codes and/or strategy guides for pretty much every game out there. It sucks now because it's filled with pop-ups and ads at every corner. Flashblocker takes care of most of said ads..but it still takes a while to load the page as compared to other sites.
Cheatcc used to be a great place to get cheats/guides, but it went the way of Newgrounds and sold out to massive amounts of ads.
by Suburban Badass September 29, 2007
As said before, a phrase used by emos/scenesters on sites like myspace...and also as a stated before it is accompanied by a crappy graphic of a gun, which is usually a pistol (more specifically a berettta 92-fs for some reason) or and m-16 or ak-47. These graphics will always have one or more of these characteristics:
-blood or some other liquid dripping out of the barrel
-a rose protruding out of the barrel
I wish emos and scenesters really would put a gun to their head and pull the trigger...happiest *bang bang* I'd ever hear!
by Suburban Badass September 29, 2007
Music for today's white trash. Very popular among the stoners who are "tough" and will "hella kick your ass, fool". These shyte bags are usually harmless when alone, they tend to make up for their physical weakness by hanging out in large groups, then they talk shit to passers by. Rap/rock is shit no matter who does it, the two just don't mix...and all KMK is about is smoking large amounts of weed and drinking large amounts of alcohol...yep that's really worth something listening to and attempting to live by. Hell to top it off, I knew they were gay before I ever heard any of their music...with a name like Kottonmouth Kings, what the fuck else are you to expect?
"I listen to Kottonmouth Kings, and I destroy my body with massive amounts of alcohol and weed...that must make me "hard"...especially in these tuff suburbs." -Froader
by Suburban Badass October 01, 2007
Group of inbred, white trash, peckerwood mother fuckers who fail to realize that were it 1939-45, Hitler would more than likely send them to the camps as well.
Too bad we can't fulfill the dreams of the kkk to live in Nazi Germany...I'm pretty sure they'd have a fun time there were it possible...
by Suburban Badass September 29, 2007

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