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The dominant partner in a gay male on male romantic relationship in Japanese yaoi anime and manga, doujinshi and fanfiction. The seme is said to 'top' his uke. The seme is often (but not always) the older of the two/ more serious/ dark/ mysterious and more 'handsome' than 'cute'.
In the shonen-ai anime Gravitation, the mysterious Eiri Yuki is the seme over the pink-haired Shuichi Shindo.

In Sensitive Pornograph Sono Hanasaki has a seme (Seiji Yamada) a whole ten years younger than himself.
by Su-chan February 01, 2008
Obsessed with anime and often won't shut up about it. Animefag and weeaboo are often confused with the only real difference being that animefag's know Japan isn't full of anime and therefore take on the duty of converting the rest of the world into animetard's.
Animefag: Anime is better than your stupid real life shows... you must watch this... I cosplayed as this guy once... I have the whole 2nd series of this...
Normal dude: ARGH!! Shut your face you damned animefag!
by Su-chan April 25, 2008
Acronym for Quote For The Win, used in forums when quoting another persons post. Can be used to support their post or in a sarcastic manner.
Quote: MySpace is for attention whores
Quoter: QFTW! Myspace sucks!
by Su-chan March 10, 2008
Someone who claims to be obsessed with the character Uchiha Sasuke from the anime Naruto. Sometimes known as a Sausketard or a Saskaytard they are generally enemies with everyone who can see through their fakeness. A Sawskaetard can be spotted by the fact that they can't spell Sasuke correctly.
Sasuketard: O.o WTF is sawskae? If you just spelled Sasuke wrong you are so dead you sawskaetard!
Narutard: You are both so lame, Naruto owns Sasuke's emo ass!
by Su-chan April 19, 2008
Japanese word for mist or fog. Sometimes heard in the anime Naruto as the name of a Hidden Village.
Hoshigaki Kisame, Zabuza, Haku and Suigetsu are from Kirigakure
by Su-chan May 03, 2008
A genre for fanfiction. If you know Mystery Science Theater, you have an idea. In a MSTing a fanfiction writer takes original characters and puts them into his own setting, where they have to read other fanfiction and comment on them. As this is not only plagiarism, but also a quite rude way to make fun of another writer, MSTings are only allowed, if you have permission from the author of the original fanfiction you are MSTing. Not everyone can laugh about himself.
'Oh god someone wrote a MSTing story about my fic! I'm so reporting them!'
by Su-chan August 03, 2008
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