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3 definitions by StyxxxCA

When you have a sex train going and there are not enough people to make a full circle. The person in the rear is referred to as the loose caboose.
My swinging friends invited me over for a party. My girlfriend won't go. It is throwing off the numbers for the sex train. I hope I get to be the loose caboose rocking the train.
by StyxxxCA September 27, 2009
8 3
Doing the nasty with two girls in the back of a car in the parking lot of Target. You let them buy some cheap knock off Victoria Secret panties at Target, then you take them off in the parking lot and bang them.
Damn those girls are hot, I would like to "Take them to Target"
by styxxxCA April 25, 2009
3 4
a soft gentle girl burp as compared to a manly burp
My girlfriend let out a girp after eating some hot peppers. I wish she could learn how to burp like a man.
by StyxxxCA April 03, 2010
8 12